The Dome Trilogy

Welcome, citizen, to the Dome.

Beneath a Sunless Sky, the first book of the Dome Trilogy, is available as an e-book or trade paperback from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more worldwide.
Nightmare Specters, the second book of the Dome Trilogy, is available as an e-book for Nook, iPad, or as a trade paperback from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more worldwide.
Solaray Dawn the third and final book of the Dome Trilogy is currently in galley proof stage, and should be available November 2014.


Beneath a Sunless Sky

Beneath a Sunless Sky

In search of a place to call home . . .

Ten years after child prodigy Remy had an accident which robbed her of a prestigious future, she walks the edge between life on Solaray-lit Level One and the gloom of the UnderDome, waiting for an opportunity to return to her place among the elite ruling class and put the nightmare of living as a sub-human behind her.

Remy’s life spirals from her control; she is condemned to live her life in the most reviled pit in the Dome world, known to be populated by brutish beasts too inhuman to even live on the edge of society. When she arrives, however, she discovers that humanity does not belong only to the citizen, life is not what she had believed it to be, and a threat more grave than the UnderDome, itself, lurks just beyond its shadows.

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Beneath a Sunless Sky

Nightmare Specters

“I’m going to destroy the Dome world.”

Fleeing from her lifelong home with a Freedomer terrorist into an unknown future, Remy arrives in Prime Settlement to find her dream of being an exalted and adored leader has suddenly come true.

In the second novel of the Dome Trilogy, Remy is glorified as the long-awaited messianic leader of a devoutly religious populace and promises them the Dome above their heads as a homeland – a vow even their revered Messiah Ami was unable to fulfill. Vengeance turns to apprehension as Remy realizes that not everything is as simple as it seems and even the best intentions can produce devastating consequences.



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The excellent Brazilian graphic artist Julio Cesar-Mari designed, drew, and inked the stunning covers for the whole trilogy; his interpretation of the Dome world excites the imagination.

All three books will be made available in both print and in e-book formats. These books deal with adult themes and are targeted to a mature audience.
I encourage visitors to this website to download the PDFs of the first four chapters of each novel.


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